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frequently asked questions

Can Una Paloma Blanca sponsor me for a visa?

Unfortunately, no. However, we would love for you to come and learn with us, so once you’ve enrolled onto a course, we can provide you with a document which states that you will be learning with us, the duration of your course and the amount you’ve paid for the course. This can be used in support of a visa application.

Do you issue certificates?

Yes! Una Paloma Blanca issues two types of certificates. The first is a certificate of participation - this shows the course you took and the duration of the course. We also offer a certificate of achievement - for this, the student will need to take part in a certification lesson with a teacher at an extra cost of 45 EUR for the session and certificate.
As we are a CRKBO registered school, our certificate of achievement can be used as proof of training.

What is the difference between a regular and efficient group course?

A regular group course is 12 lessons of 1.5 hours. The lessons are once a week, so the total number of weeks will be 12 weeks.
An efficient group course is 10 lessons of 1.5 hours. The lessons are twice a week, so the total number of weeks is 5/6 weeks.

How many private lessons can I book?

Private lessons can be booked at your discretion. However, we usually sell them in blocks of 10 so we can work on long-term goals and devise a study plan together.

How much self-study will I need to do?

Of course, learning a language takes time and a lot of effort. Our teachers will not only provide effective and challenging lessons, but they will also provide you with lots of extra resources to get stuck into yourself. Self-study can make your level soar, so it definitely is recommended, the length of time is up to you. We do give homework, of course!

Your language school looks fun, but does it work?

We believe learning a language should feel like you are opening your mind, rather than overworking it! Our teachers are a creative bunch, they make the lessons as interactive and joyful as possible. But of course, they are trained professionals who know what they’re doing! If you have a goal, we’ll help get you there.

I see the course price, what does that include?

To follow a course at Una Paloma Blanca, you need two things - the course, and material. The price you see is for the course, and our study books are sold for an additional fee, please check which fee applies to your study material.

How do I enroll on a course?

After you’ve found the perfect course and level, our admin will add you to the class and send an invoice to your given email address. Once this invoice is paid, the enrollment is complete, and then we can send your materials to you.

How do I know my level?

At UPB, we offer level placement lessons at 45EUR for an hour. During this placement lesson, you will work with one of our native teachers, who will test your language skills to see which level would be perfect for you.
If you have already followed a course in that language, you could present your certificate as proof that you’ve achieved a certain level.
With private courses, a placement test is done in the first lesson so the teacher knows the areas to work on.

Can I stop my lessons when I have started a course?

It is possible to pause your private/duo lessons, however we ask that you complete your course private/duo course within 3 months. After 12 months, outstanding private/duo lessons are no longer valid and can not be refunded.
For group lessons, if you are going to be absent from more than 2 - contact us and we can discuss enrolling you on a future course. You will have to pay for the additional lessons when starting a new course.
If you would like to stop them completely, of course you may do this, however payment for the lessons must still be made and/or will not be refunded.

Can I cancel my enrollment?

After enrolling onto a course, you have 2 week’s ‘breathing time, within which you can cancel your enrollment with us unless your course starts within the 2 week period. Once your course has started you can still cancel your enrollment but you will have to pay for the full course. Consult our terms and conditions for more information
After the two weeks or after your course has started you can still cancel your enrollment. However, you will not be refunded (fully). Please consult our general terms and conditions for details.

How do I cancel my enrollment?

You can cancel your enrollment by emailing the admin office. State in your email: Your name, the course you enrolled for and possible additional information. Our email address is info@unapalomablanca.com
You are free to cancel your enrollment at any time. However, in the case of late cancelation or when the course has already started our terms and conditions do apply. Consult them for the details regarding refunds and cancellations.

What if I can't attend my group lesson?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of learning, and so if you do need to miss a class, please inform either your teacher (if you have their contact details) or send an email to our admin team.

What do lessons on site cost?

The price for lessons on-site will differ slightly. We would need to calculate the distance the teacher travels from the school, and once calculated, the fee will be added to the amount before enrollment on to a course.

Does UPB also work with business clients?

Yes! UPB works with companies both on-site and in our centres, offering language courses of all levels, for a wide range of responsibilities. We have packages available for small, medium and large groups. Tell us what you need and we can build a program.

How long can I take to finish my private/duo course?

We ask that private and DUO courses are completed within 3 months - this gives you the flexibility to arrange your lessons as frequently as you like, suitable to your schedule.

Can I get a refund?

Yes you can get a refund if you cancel your enrollment within two weeks. After these two weeks you are entitled to a partial refund. Once your course has started we do not refund any funds except for unused study materials. Please consult our general terms and conditions for details regarding refunds.

Do I get the same teacher every time?

At UPB we think consistency is key to effective learning, so our courses are planned mostly with one teacher. Sometimes, if a course is quite intensive, or if it is a large group, it is possible that 2 teachers will conduct the course.

Does UPB have the option for payments by DUO?

Unfortunately, payment by DUO is not available at UPB.

Can I do inburgering training at UPB?

Yes! We would recommend doing a private course, this way we could work directly with your goals to help you prepare for the inburgering. At the moment, we don’t have inburgering specific group courses.

Do I have to bring anything to attend my lessons?

A notebook, a pen, the book and an open mind should do the trick!

What terms and conditions apply on my course?

All terms can be found via this link. If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

6 steps

How the UPB experience works

1. enquire

Check our website for all the different courses we offer and find one that suits your level, goals and needs.

2. get informed

Inform our admin staff on your current level, which course you are interested in and any questions you might have. They will gladly help you get all the information you need.

3. sign up

After you have agreed to our proposal we will sign you up for your chosen language course. Now you're officially enrolled!

4. join!

In fun, interactive and creative language lessons our experienced teachers will bring your language skills to the next level!

5. complete

Yay! You finished your course. Congratulations! After completing your course at Una Paloma Blanca we are happy to award you with a certificate of Participation.

6. continue!

Are you not ready to stop learning? Do you want to raise your skills to the next level? That is great. Una Paloma Blanca is more than happy to help you continue your studies.