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Nederlands leren kan overal

learning dutch

August 22 2022

Help, volgens mij ben ik verliefd op een Nederlander..

dutch culture

June 30 2022

5 Tips to Make Learning Dutch Easier

learning dutch

June 9 2022

De zomer is maar saai, toch?

learning a language

June 2 2022

Do it For the Kids - Language as a Social Tool.

language learning

May 19 2022

De kat krabt de krullen van de trap

dutch culture

May 12 2022

Which Languages Would the Bridges in Rotterdam Speak?

dutch culture

April 25 2022

5 Redenen waarom het beheersen van talen belangrijk is

April 14 2022

Are Efficient Courses Any Good?

language tips

March 24 2022

But Do Intensive Courses Really Work for Complete Beginners?

learning a language

February 18 2021

The Legacy of Rotterdam's "Citizen of the world"

Dutch culture

February 4 2022

Learning a Language is Basically Skiing

learning a language

January 14 2022

When is the best time to do something?

languages learning

December 29 2021

New Year's Resolutions: 1. Una 2. Paloma 3. Blanca

learning a language

December 17 2021

Give Yourself the Gift of Language

learning a language

December 10 2021

Have You Heard about Belsnickel?

Useful info for expats

December 2 2021

B1, A2, C2? R2D2? What Does it All Mean?

language learning

November 26 2021

Be Curious, Your Inner Child Will Thank You

Useful info for expats

November 9 2021

Slow is the new fast

language learning

November 4 2021

Efficiency: A Text Book Answer

learning a language

November 1 2021

You Can't Spell 'Language' without F-U-N, oh Wait.

learning a language

October 26 2021

6 steps to getting started with UPB

The 6 steps

1. Find your fit

Check our website for all the different courses we offer and find one that suits your level, goals and needs.

2. Take the leap

Register for a course using either our webshop, or send us a quick message and we'll provide you with all the info you need about the course.

3. Sign up

After you have agreed to our proposal we will sign you up for your chosen language course. Now you're officially enrolled!

4. Join

In fun, interactive and creative language lessons our experienced teachers will bring your language skills to the next level!

5. Complete

Yay! You finished your course. Congratulations! After completing your course at Una Paloma Blanca we are happy to award you with a certificate of Participation

6. Continue

Are you not ready to stop learning? Do you want to raise your skills to the next level? That is great. Una Paloma Blanca is more than happy to help you continue your studies.