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duo courses

Duo courses are a great option for students who want to learn with a partner and keep the flexibility of private lessons.

Duo lessons are sold in 12 hour bundles and can be scheduled with your teacher and your partner once per week or as frequently as schedules permit depending on you and your partners needs.

Duo courses can be held online, at the school or on the location* of your choosing

Please don't hesitate to contact us by filling in the form below.

* Additional fees will apply for special onsite lessons

6 steps

How the UPB experience works

1. enquire

Check our website for all the different courses we offer and find one that suits your level, goals and needs.

2. get informed

Inform our admin staff on your current level, which course you are interested in and any questions you might have. They will gladly help you get all the information you need.

3. sign up

After you have agreed to our proposal we will sign you up for your chosen language course. Now you're officially enrolled!

4. join!

In fun, interactive and creative language lessons our experienced teachers will bring your language skills to the next level!

5. complete

Yay! You finished your course. Congratulations! After completing your course at Una Paloma Blanca we are happy to award you with a certificate of Participation.

6. continue!

Are you not ready to stop learning? Do you want to raise your skills to the next level? That is great. Una Paloma Blanca is more than happy to help you continue your studies.