Welcome to the Netherlands!

Una Paloma Blanca is here for you!

In Dutch Beginners, you'll learn the ins and outs of riding a bike in the Netherlands, the history of typical Dutch foods like bitterballen and stamppot, and useful Dutch phrases like "Doe normaal" and "Spreekt u Engels?"

In addition to both language and cultural introductions, you will have time to ask our native teachers questions, practice your new Dutch vocabulary and get to know other expats throughout the lesson and during the ensuing language café.

Our native teachers aim to help make your transsition into Dutch culture smooth, fun and informative. Not only will they be giving you their expertise, but also you will receive a welcom package with everything from language course information to a map of the city to an event calendar.

After you complete Dutch Beginners, you will have the foundation to jump into life in the Netherlands with confidence!

Time: 13.30 to 15.30
Price: € 15,00
Extra: 2 FREE drinks included

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