Una Palmoma Blanca Vouchers

Una Paloma Blanca has implemented online courses to provide fun & safe lessons for its students and teachers who prefer to study from home.

Our teachers are fully equipped with digital study material with the quality that you expect from us.

You can now get Una Paloma Blanca vouchers. These vouchers are a great idea if you plan to study this year or in 2021 with us. With every voucher, the school adds extra value

You can use your voucher to pay for a course (either online or at the school), an intake and/or a studybook. You don’t have to spend it all in once and the voucher is valid for one year.

What do I get?

  • If you buy a €100 voucher we add €10
  • If you buy a €200 voucher we add €25
  • If you buy a €400 voucher we add €55
  • Terms & conditions:
    Vouchers have to be redeemed within a year of purchase.
    The voucher value is non refundable.
    Vouchers can be used for courses, intakes and/or study materials.
    The vouchers can be transferred to another person/student.

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