Una Paloma Blanca - Language School

Ah, summer. Hotter days, longer evenings, the city comes alive and the blue skies bring out the best in us. So what can be done with such a beautiful time of year? At UPB, we think this is the perfect time to expand your knowledge and begin learning a language. Whether you're hot on the heals of a week in Barcelona, or planning a post-summer getaway to Rome, there's nothing like a summer breeze in your hair while you build on your language library.

And we want to help!

That's why throughout summer, all of our daytime group courses, between monday and friday are now 10% off! Whether it's a regular or an efficient course, if it's before 17:00 and the sun is shining, you'll be saving!

Our daytime deal begins on June 1st - so grab your towel & your sunscreen, because it is going to be scorcher.

Time: Before 17.00
Extra: Get 10% off

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