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When you want to take French lessons in Eindhoven you’ve come to the right place! At Una Paloma Blanca in Eindhoven we offer various French lessons: on several levels for individuals, pairs and groups. Whatever your level, we can cater!

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Our French lessons in Eindhoven are always fun. We use many fun games, use actuality and offer extra activities to ensure the French lessons are as fun as they could possibly be! We also prefer a personal approach. We assess your personal goals and requirements. This will ensure you’re actually learning the parts of the French language you deem important. Our French lessons are also efficient. Our self-compounded learning method allows you to learn French as efficient as possible.

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At Una Paloma Blanca in Eindhoven we offer French lessons at six different levels. Before you are starting the French lessons, we start with assessing your current level and your personal objectives. Our qualified and experienced teachers French guide you throughout each lesson and help you to achieve your personal goals. We cater to beginners, advanced and experts!

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You can pick various French lessons. You can learn French in a group, as an individual or in a pair. If you decide to take French lessons in a group, we will ensure you will get ample personal attention in order to achieve your personal learning objectives. A group is never bigger than 8 course-members. You will be assigned to a group with the same language level. Want to learn French even faster? Take French lessons in pairs or take private lessons. Your personal development will be at the core of the French lessons and they are built around your wishes and requirements. Learning French superfast!

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Want to take French lessons at Una Paloma Blanca in Eindhoven? Contact us, we’re happy to help!