English Exam Preparation

The teachers at UPB are experienced with all levels of the exams and we tailor our courses to help students achieve their goals. We only send students for their exams when they are fully prepared and as a result 100% of the test-takers who have prepared with us have succeeded in achieving their testing goals. We make sure that all of our students are fully prepared to get the certifications they need for work or school.

These are the tests Una Paloma Blanca helps students prepare for:


Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a standardised test that measures the test-takers mastery of the English Language. The Test measures 4 language skills including reading, listening, speaking and writing. The TOEFL English language exam is generally used by Universities that teach using the English language as part of the admission process and is recognised by 11,000 universities in 150 countries.


IELTS, or The International English Language Testing System, is al language proficiency test for people who want to study or work where English is used as the main language of communication. EILTS uses a nine-band system to give an accurate assessment of the test-takers language skills (non-user is band score 1 to expert user, band score 9). Most Universities or work places will have a minimum score requirement depending on the required level of proficiency.


The Cambridge English Qualifications are a group of exams that include many different levels and qualifications for schools, higher education and business. Cambridge testing can range from primary school levels for children to higher business English testing skills.

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