Una Paloma Blanca - Language School


A1/A2 Una Paloma Blanca - Parte 1
Antonio Gutiérrez Rubio &
Leticia Pernas Varela
ISBN 9789090300221
A2 Bitácora 2 ISBN 9788416347650
B1 Gente hoy 2
Dele B1
Bitácora 3
ISBN 9788415640370
ISBN 9788477113539
ISBN 9788416657520
B2 Gente hoy 3
Dele B2
ISBN 9788415640417
ISBN 9788490816752
C1 We work with our own methode
A1 Encompass: A Journey Into English
Oxford English Grammar Course - Basic
Fairway 1 Essential Grammar in Use
ISBN 9789083045658
ISBN 9780194420778
ISBN 9781107480551
A2 Oxford English Grammar Course - Intermediate ISBN 9780194420822
B1 Oxford English Grammar Course - Advance
English Grammar in Use
Fairway 3
ISBN 9780194312509
ISBN 9780521189064
ISBN 9789054518341
B2 Focus on IELTS ISBN 9781408241363
C1 Focus on IELTS
Complete CAE Book
Target Band 7 - IELTS Academic Module
ISBN 9781408241363
ISBN 9781107670907
ISBN 9780987300966
A1 Let´s get Dutch! The fun, fast & efficient way
Nederlands in gang
Stap 1 tekst en werkboek + audio cd’s
Klare taal
De opmaat
ISBN 9789083045603
ISBN 9789046905401
ISBN 9789460303302
ISBN 9789053524312
ISBN 9789085067238
A2 Nederlands in actie
Stap 2 tekst en werkboek + audio cd’s
De sprong
ISBN 9789046902981
ISBN 9789460304224
ISBN 9789461052872
B1 Nederlands op niveau
Stap 3 tekst en werkboek + audio cd’s
De finale
ISBN 9789046904411
ISBN 9789460306082
ISBN 9789461055712
B2 Nederlands naar perfectie ISBN 9789046904527
C1 We work with our own method
A1 Version Originale textbook 1
Version Originale workbook 1
Perspectives 1
ISBN 9788484435600
ISBN 9788484435617
ISBN 9789460302442
A2 Version Originale textbook 2
Version Originale workbook 2
Perspectives 2
ISBN 9788484435631
ISBN 9789460300851
ISBN 9789460302473
B1 Version Originale textbook 3
Version Originale workbook 3
Perspectives 3
ISBN 9789460303357
ISBN 9789460303364
ISBN 9789460302503
B2-C1 We work with our own method
A1 Con piacere 1 ISBN 9789460304811
A2 Con piacere 2 ISBN 9789460304750
B1 Con piacere 3 ISBN 99789460308086
B2-C1 We work with our own method
A1 Português XXI textbook 1
Português XXI workbook 1
ISBN 9789897523809
ISBN 9789727579334
A2 Português XXI textbook 2
Português XXI workbook 2
ISBN 9789897523816
ISBN 9789727579914
B1 Português XXI textbook 3
Português XXI workbook 3
ISBN 9789897523823
ISBN 9789727579952
A1 Motive. Deutsch als Fremdsprache 1 ISBN 9783190018802
A2 Motive. Deutsch als Fremdsprache 2 ISBN 9783190018819
B1 Motive. Deutsch als Fremdsprache 3 ISBN 9783190018826
B2-C1 We work with our own method
A1 New Practical Chinese Reader vol.1 - Textbook
New Practical Chinese Reader vol.1 - Workbook
ISBN 9787561926239
ISBN 9787561926222
A2 New Practical Chinese Reader vol.2 - Textbook
New Practical Chinese Reader vol.2 - Workbook
ISBN 9787561928950
ISBN 9787561928936
B1 New Practical Chinese Reader vol.3 - Textbook
New Practical Chinese Reader vol.3 - Workbook
ISBN 9787561932551
ISBN 9787561932070
B2 New Practical Chinese Reader vol.4 - Textbook
New Practical Chinese Reader vol.4 - Workbook
ISBN 9787561934319
ISBN 9787561933886

New Books

Hi, you!

It’s been a while, so what’s new here at Una Paloma Blanca? Well, a lot, actually. We’ve been hard at work, working on some new, exciting projects. We’ve been busy developing our very own range of language learning books!

You’re probably thinking… “But, there are already so many language books out there…”

And yes, you’re right. But our books aren’t just language books. Each one is a carefully constructed, innovative approach to language learning. Whether you’re learning for fun, to study, or hoping to pass that exam, our books help you to make sense of it all, with real language and lots of tips along the way. Using one of our language books feels more like a language scrapbook, magazine, journal… all at once.

We want you to judge our books by their covers, that’s why we got our finest teachers, writers, illustrators, roofreaders, editors, thinkers and doers on the job, and we’ve made something we are excited for you to see!

Encompass: A Journey Into English.

Our “fresh off the press” A1 English book. As it says on the back, this is no ordinary English book. We’ve carefully crafted and developed it to be like no other, and to show it’s reader a different way to learn English. Of course, this wasn’t a one-person project, from the dedicated teachers who wrote the content, pulling inspiration from years of teaching experience, to the hawk-eyed editor and proofreader who made sure it was ready to be given to the world.

The stunning illustrations were supplied by the talented artist Roel Buijsen, and the whole thing was brought together by our creative graphic designer, Jens Van Der Lugt.

Our book is already on sale across Europe, as well as at Una Paloma Blanca schools. Our book appears at new book stores every week, so keep an eye out, you might just see it through the window of your favourite book store soon.

Presenting our shiny new Spanish book!

We’ve developed our own method for learning the Spanish language, acquired by Antonio and Leticia through years of teaching Spanish to Dutch people here in the Netherlands.

In the book you’ll also find beautiful illustrations by the talented, Eindhoven-based Karlijn de Groot, to really bring our method to life!

We built this book for levels A1 & A2 and it is available exclusively at only a few book stores in the Netherlands, as well as Una Paloma Blanca Schools. Find our new book at Van Piere in Eindhoven, Doner in Rotterdam and Scheltema in Amsterdam.

This is the start of something magical at Una Paloma Blanca, and we hope you come along for the ride.
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